On April 4, 2019 in the premises of the hotel “Aragosta” Durrës, the Agency of the European Railways (ERA) and the Directorate of Railway Inspection (DIH) organized a training seminar on:

“Basics of railway accident investigation”

The trainers from ERA were experienced investigators Messrs. Michail Rebenticsh and Rob Rumping.

The seminar was held in two sessions.

In the first session present were the representatives of ERA, DIH, Albanian Railways, the concession company “ALBRAIL” shpk and the carrier “BetonPlus”

In the second session the seminar continued only with DIH.

DIH Director Mr. Ahmet Allamani presented the current legislation and expectations after the establishment of AKiAIH (National Authority for Investigation of Railway Accidents and Incidents) for the investigation of accident railway incidents.

ERA investigators stressed that the main purpose of accident investigation of railway incidents is the prevention of railway accidents and incidents, the preservation and improvement of railway safety.

Important after any investigation, when necessary, is to issue recommendations to the Railway Safety Authority, Infrastructure Managers and Railway Entrepreneurs.

The second session of the seminar discussed the establishment and functioning of the National Authority for Investigation of Railway Accidents and Incidents.